Emergent Leadership 2024

A leadership development program for municipal works professionals

Municipal Works Australia’s Emergent Leadership Program is a dynamic professional development program designed specifically for municipal works professionals to grow as industry leaders.

Delivered in collaboration with the Ministry of Leadership, the vision for Emergent is to develop leaders from across the industry who have the passion and drive to contribute to its growth and success.

The goals of Emergent are to:

Location: L18, 2 Southbank Blvd, Southbank, Victoria.

Registrations close
15th January 2024
Participant onboarding
15th – 31st January 2024
Participant pre-work
1st February 2024
Masterclass 1: Leadership Awareness
21st February 2024
Group Coaching Session 1
27th February 2024
Masterclass 2: Leadership Clarity
27th March 2024
Group Coaching Session 2
3rd April 2024
Masterclass 3: Leadership Energy
17th April 2024



Emergent has been designed for municipal works professionals aspiring to, or currently in leadership roles.


3 x in-person, face-to-face masterclasses.

2 x online Group Coaching Sessions.

The benefits of the in-person masterclasses enables the sharing of first-hand experiences, ideas and questions with peers and an expert facilitator.

Online group coaching enables a collaborative and supportive approach to addressing challenges and sharing solutions in an intensive session.


Upon completion of Emergent, you will be able to:

  • Understand your leadership motivators and behaviours and how they impact your leadership style;
  • Understand your leadership impact on others and how to make adjustments for increased engagement and collaboration;
  • Use story telling to establish clarity, engagement and increase performance;
  •  Navigate ambiguity and complexity, providing purpose and direction for others;
  • Influence others;
  • Emerge as a leader in your workplace.


The first masterclass of the program is all about understanding self and others.

Participantswill gain insight into their leadership behaviours and learn how to leverage this insight toenhance their authentic leadership influence.

Using the Leadership Motivational Profile Assessment completed as pre-work, the program leads participants to understand theirthinking and behavioural preferences to critically analyse their perceptions of the world.

Armed with this insight, participants will analyse their leadership beliefs and how those theywork with and lead are motivated.

Participants are encouraged to bring a specific, real work problem they are grappling with tothe group and receive input and ideas from their peers.

Consider it private coaching with an audience!

Expertly facilitated, group coaching sessions are an opportunity to problem solveand expand professional networks.

The second masterclass builds upon the foundations laid in Masterclass One: LeadershipAwareness.

Equipped with a greater understanding of themselves and others, participantswill explore different approaches to navigating leadership challenges.

Navigating uncertaintyis more important than ever before. 

Participants will learn tools that will enable them toinfluence relationships with their teams and stakeholders.

Participants are encouraged to bring a specific, real work problem they are grappling with to the group and receive input and ideas from their peers.

Consider it private coaching with an audience! Expertly facilitated, group coaching sessions are an opportunity to problem solve and expand professional networks.

The final masterclass focuses on the elements of courage, grit and mindset. Impactful leaders provide support and stability amidst chaos and confusion.

Using a number of techniques and frameworks, participants will navigate their own approach to leadership courage and learn ways to support those they lead and collaborate with to encourage positive and successful mindsets.


  • Your unique Leadership Motivational Profile report and 45-minute online debrief with leadership expert, Dale Monk. The Leadership Motivational Profile report assesses your leadership capability against 11 essential behaviours of influential and impactful leaders;

  • 3 x in-person full-day masterclasses;

  • 2 x 90-minute group coaching sessions with leadership expert, Dale Monk;

  • Comprehensive course workbook;

  • Signed copy of “Just Lead!”;

  • Optional private mentoring bundle – 2 x 30-minute online private mentoring sessions.


Do I need to be a leader already?

Whether you are currently leading a team or ready for that first leadership opportunity, Emergent is focussed on actionable and authentic leadership with impact.

Will I need to do any work between masterclasses?

You’ll be given activities to complete in between masterclasses. Allow an hour per week to get the most out of the program.

Are sessions recorded?

The masterclasses are in-person events and wont’ be recorded. Online group coaching sessions will be recorded and made available to participants.

Dale Monk

Keynote Speakers

Dale Monk is the Founder and Chief Mentor of Ministry of Leadership and Author of Just Lead! Break Through the Overwhelm and Lead with Impact. Founded with the intention of connecting leaders and teams with their authority to be authentic and powerful, the Ministry of Leadership is focused on unleashing brilliance for positive impact. Disrupting outdated theory-based approaches to leadership development, the Ministry of Leadership delivers programs for brave leaders who want to expand their influence and impact.

Dale is a leadership mentor who has always been interested in assisting others to learn, grow and become influential, impactful leaders. Dale is a dynamic thought leader and an expert in helping others shine as brilliant leaders.

With almost 20 years experience in senior leadership roles, Dale has experienced first hand
the impact of both good and bad leadership on organisations, team morale and individuals.
A Chief Finance Officer, he was an accountant who hated the numbers. His passion was in the development of high performing teams and leaders. From there the Ministry of Leadership was born.

Dale knows what it takes to lead a team, both small and large in complex environments. Having learnt the secret to leadership influence, Dale has developed a framework to increase your influence, reduce your effort and advance your career. Dale’s energy, humour and passion is the perfect mix to help leaders excel!