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Works officer associations within Australia have had a long and varied history. The Municipal Works Operations Association (MWOA) of Victoria was founded in 1936 as the Victorian Municipal Superintendents of Works and Overseers Association.  The Tasmanian, Queensland and Western Australian Associations have similar longstanding histories. The Tasmanian Association of Municipal Supervisors (TAMS) was founded in 1988, the Works Officers Association of Queensland (WOAQ) was established in 2000, and Local Government Superintendents Association of Western Australia (LGSA WA) in 1990. 

The MWOA, TAMS and WOAQ combined their governance arrangements in 2020 to form Municipal Works Australia (MWA).  The history and culture of the municipal works industry in Australia was built on the efforts of its members past and present. Certain members have made outstanding long-term contributions to the municipal works industry. These individuals have been recognised by their peers through the awarding of Life Membership of their associations. They are listed below:

Life Membership of their associations

Peter Wendt

Stephen M Robertson

Graham Gregson

Maurice Lowe


Daryl Collins
Ian Price 
Col Rush
Peter Withers


Bill Arnold
Max Belmore
K. Mulquiney
Lex Ritchie
Harold Thompson
F. Udvardy
Ray Graham
John Zeuschner
Peter Wendt
Stephen M Robertson
Derek Robertson
Graham Gregson
Shane Hickey
Kevin Keating
Lynn Undy
Neil Whiteside
Tony Gellatly
Stephen Hockham


Frank Tyers
Lance Holmes
Greg Preece
Greg Osborne
John Cunliffe
Lester Jackson
Chris Monaghan
Murray Fordham
Shane Dillon
Greg Fannon


Ian Street
Garry Mason
Jim Morton
Maurice Lowe
Stuart Baird
Les Hunt
Shirley Barnes
Ric Normington
Arthur Cousins


Ray Leak

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