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Shane Hickey

Shane Hickey has been an MWOA and now an MWA member for 32 years, joining the association in 1988 following encouragement from now retired life member Graham Gregson (affectionately known as Grego or GG). He became a life member in 2007.

Shane worked in local government from 1981 until 1997 at five different municipalities in the metropolitan and regional areas of Victoria, starting as a survey assistant at the Shire of Hastings and finishing as physical services manager at Bayside City Council. In February 1997 Shane set up Australian Project Solutions P/L – a specialist company delivering coastal, marine and environmental construction and project management services to state and local government departments until semi-retirement beckoned in 2019.

A success Shane has enjoyed has been to serve on the National Works and Engineering Conference Committee from 1994 until the present (26 years) and also as conference convener.  This conference has been integral to bringing delegates and sponsors together from all over Victoria and interstate to see presentations on the latest technologies, plant and equipment, new work practices and compliance issues.  

The conference has also been a great platform for members’ professional development via the various awards and exchange programs or by presenting papers on specific topics or shared experiences.  The conference has also provided the opportunity for delegates to network and enjoy some fellowship in a relaxed environment away from the workplace. Shane would like to thank Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Victoria members (particularly Matthew Hill and David Hallett) for their collaboration and network connections that have helped contribute to the sustained success of the conference over the years and often in challenging times. 

Following one national conference on the Mornington Peninsula in the late nineties, Shane was given the unofficial title of Interstate Delegates Liaison Officer for future conferences.  He was to chaperone all interstate delegates to various refreshment and entertainment venues after hours and ensure that everyone enjoyed their networking and fellowship. On one occasion, on returning to their shared motel accommodation in a very jovial state, a colleague who had gone to bed earlier demanded that they “turn the ?#$% light off”. Shane politely advised that his colleague was seeing daylight cracking through the front door.  

On a more serious note, Shane believes that MWOA’s successes have been the networking and fellowship of members, including the country branches, and the loyal support of our sponsors.  During his years working in local government Shane says he was fortunate to be involved with the Gippsland Branch and the former North Central Branch, with the experience and perspectives gained being invaluable.

Shane feels very honoured to have received:

  • The Noal Bailey Award 1991 – a working exchange with City of Woollahra in Sydney
  • The Dave Clark Award (2002) for outstanding services to local government 
  • The MWOA Life Membership in 2007

He has also served on the MWOA’s Melbourne Executive Committee from 1995 to 2019 and was MWOA Secretary for 1996/1997 and MWOA Board Chairman from 2006 until 2016. He has seen the MWOA change and grow over the past 32 years and is sure it will continue to change and evolve to keep pace with our industry.  Shane is very grateful to Grego for the introduction in 1988 and feels privileged to have served and been part of the MWOA. 


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