“Slow Down, Workers Around” Awareness Campaign

March 1, 2023
Photos courtesy of MTR Images

As a member of Municipal Works Australia, Rob Leonard from Access Linemarking Equipment approached Peter Ali and the Board about an initiative to raise awareness of the safety of our workers on roadwork sites.

Access Linemarking Equipment’s sponsorship of a new TA2 Ford Mustang race car running in the TA2 Racing Australia category sees the car appear throughout Australia in the 2023 season.

Running with Number 40 themed as the standard speed limit sign in active roadwork sites, the new TA2 Mustang also carries the safety message “SLOW DOWN, WORKERS AROUND”.  Municipal Works Australia’s logo appears on the car to promote the Association and its support for this message.

This campaign aims to spread the word about the high number of serious injuries or, even worse, the number of deaths caused yearly at roadwork sites by inattentive or speeding drivers.

While carrying a message about “SLOW DOWN, WORKERS AROUND” on a race car may seem strange to many people, we draw on the safety policies in pit lanes at racetracks where 40 kph is strictly enforced to keep the pit lane workers safe. A new broadcast contract for 2023 will see the TA2 Racing Australia series televised live nationally, increasing the number of people who will see this message and take it onboard.

As a supplier to Councils, State Governments and infrastructure-based companies, Access Linemarking Equipment has always supported safety initiatives for their customers’ employees, as most of them operate in active roadwork sites and constantly talk about the number of incidents that happen daily.

The car will be displayed at MWA’s 29th National Municipal Works & Engineering Conference 2023 in Bendigo on 23rd – 24th March, just one week after its first outing at Winton on 18th – 19th March.

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