Peter Ali confirmed as MWOA CEO

5 December, 2019
Peter Ali (right), at this year’s NW&EC with keynote speaker David Parkin and MWOA Board Chair Lynn Undy.

Peter Ali, who has been interim Executive Officer since July, has been confirmed in the role by the MWOA board and he has plenty of exciting plans for the organisation. Prior to taking up the interim officer’s position, Peter was the Operations Manager at the City of Whittlesea where he oversaw the delivery of municipal services to Whittlesea’s 260,000+ residents.

“The MWOA Board and I are thrilled that Peter accepted our offer,” said Board Chairperson Lynn Undy. “Peter’s understanding of the local government environment, built on his 20 years working in the sector, provides him with a detailed understanding of the challenges faced by both our corporate and local government members. More importantly, he comes with a clear vison on how the MWOA can support our members in addressing these challenges.”

One of Peter’s first projects will be the development of the MWOA’s new membership portal which will provide both existing and future new members with the ability to book events and renew their memberships on-line.

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