28th National Municipal Works and Engineering Conference

7 April, 2022

The Board of MWA would like to thank everyone that attended the 28th National Municipal Works and Engineering Conference which was at Prince of Wales Showgrounds, Bendigo on Thursday 24th to Friday 25th March 2022.  Some of the more interesting statistics that arose from the event included:

  • A total of 442 (corporate and local government attendees) attended the event in 2022 (up from the 351 in 2021). Of these 258 were local government attendees (up from 160 in 2021).
  • 55 (70%) of Victorian Councils sent an attended in 2022. This is up from the figure of 34 (43%) in 2021.
  • There was an increase in the diversity of attendees – more manager and coordinator level, some procurement staff attended, greater representation from traditional engineering areas.

Plans are already underway for the 2023 Bendigo Conference which will be scheduled for the Thursday 23th to Friday 24th March 2023.  We look forward to seeing you there next year.

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